If You’ve Been Considering Joining Tinder, Let Conan O’Brien And Dave Franco Talk You Out Of It With THIS!


“ Yet even the definition of a zero isn’t as fixed as one might think. As retailers expand globally, one challenge they face is that sizes don’t translate easily from one market to another. J. Crew’s size chart shows that a U.S. triple zero is the equivalent of a zero in the U.K., a twenty-eight in France, and a one in Japan. (The largest U.S. size available is a twenty, or XXL.) Even within the U.S., sizes vary from brand to brand. „

Who’s Buying J. Crew’s New XXXS Clothes? : The New Yorker





Chris Rock’s BET Awards Monologue

(Source: The Huffington Post)


Highlights of my 29th in no specific order

1. Black miso cod
2. Friday + Half day at work
3. Champagne at the Met
4. Finally beating 2048
5. Birthday shoutout on the Skimm
6. Old friends and new friends
7. Peony cake
8. Cards
9. Vimal.


“ For almost as long as Jay Z and Beyoncé have been a couple, they have been collaborators, one artist enhancing the other by bringing things the other doesn’t have. Beyoncé is regal, Jay Z brash. Beyoncé, a picture of steely intensity; Jay Z, a paragon of casual cool. Beyoncé, a gut puncher fluent in devastation; Jay Z, happy to devastate. „

Beyoncé and Jay Z Kick Off Shared ‘On the Run’ Tour -

countdown to 7/24 performance in Chicago…

(Source: The New York Times)


Today was a good day.

Today was a good day.


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